About us


RTA was founded in 1970 thanks to its factory manager, Silvestro Rampa who combined his passion for aviation with his technical expertise on the topographic and aerophogrammetric surveys.
Since 1970, the company has a strong market position and nowadays it’s leader in providing extensive good quality cartographic surveys land and realizing numerous complex projects by using a comprehensive portfolio of highly innovative and advanced tools for mapping and surveys. RTA boasts many and qualified all over the national territory and in several foreign countries as Nigeria, Niger and Ciad.
In the course of its history has gone through all  the changes that have changed rapidly and deeply the industry including GPS for surveying and the transition from the analogue maps to digital maps and digital satisfying the needs and expectation of clients.



RTA is a company that operates in the field of Surveying and Digital Mapping, Orthophotos and Digital photo-plans, Planning and Design of spatial databases, GIS application for areas of any size.
RTA works in all  areas providing the top of services and the best of project solution.
The technical staff RTA can operate at 360° with respect to all activities, expect aerial shooting for which keeps the ownership; in particular, a staff that takes 18 people, besides the necessary administrative and managerial duties, carries out any activities in the following areas:

- Technical Direction, Development and Research: this area provides technical direction in the execution of project, studying the best evolved project solutions; this is where a group oh highly specialized technicians and engineers work strictly together (including specialists in the academia).
- Topographic Division: RTA realizes all types of survey mapas (reference grids, aerial surveys, level of precision, surveys of celemetric or tacheometric detail, monitoring). Beyond, this division is also engaged in activities of spatial data acquisition and activities of ground reconnaissance to verify the draft maps. In recent years, RTA provides a comprehensive portfolio of instruments for bathymetric surveys, including the interferometric radar, realizing several complex projects.
- Mapping and Editing: RTA performs the phase of mapping (building digital maps from aerial photos) by using digital instruments. Beyond, RTA handles aerial triangulation activities with traditional and automatic methods.
- Orthophoto, DTM, DSM and 3D Model: RTA is highly specialized in providing services for othophotos and digital photo-plans, DSM (Digital Surface Model) based on lidar, productions of 3D images.
- GIS and WEBGIS: RTA provides planning and building activities of spatial database and GIS application, based on ESRI, INTEGRAPH or open source system (in the field of geospatial). RTA can offer also publication of its developed spatial database and GIS Application.

Our company can offer integrated services thanks to external working group, basing our strategy on the concept of flexibility of production capacity by optimizing resources and response time.
The peculiarity of the required expertise and the difficulty in finding it "developed" in the labor market makes it necessary to develop an in-house educational path.