The vast list of diversified customer references includes but is not limited to:

- REGIONS: The 5k Topographic Map of Lazio and Molise, the 1:5k / 1:10k of Valle D’Aosta and Umbria, the 1:2000 Topographic Map of Toscana and Marche, the 1:10000, 1:2000 of Sicilia and finally, the1:10000 Topographic Map of Piemonte.  In particular, the Topographic Map of Piemonte was the first work carried out in Italy on the basis of specific "Intesa GIS" and was presented at the last meeting of the industry, "Asita" held in Catania in November. In relation to the Topographic Map of Molise, RTA company has carried out the design and execution of maps “a 2000” and it was a prototype geographical database for urban and sub​​-urban areas of all the municipalities. In 2007, the company realized the 1:5000 orthophoto of Molise Region and it has been a point of departure for the cadastre relatively to forest fires.

- PROVINCES: the latest Digital Maps built are the autonomous Province of Trento (the  1:10000) and the Province of Napoli (the 1:5000); both Digital Maps have been made for half.

- MUNICIPALITIES: Recently the company has produced maps of Cesenatico, Lanciano ( thanks to GIS Application) and the district of Imola (realized with provision of structured data). As for the city of Campobasso, the company has executed the relief of the water network (network location, wells, instruments), in association with the AMGA SpA and in synergy with local professionals

- Maps for planning: the RTA is numbered among in “short list” of various great Societies of Planning and Management, especially prominent “Italferr” for which it continuously carries out cartographies and surveys detail, but also Consortium such as Iricav, Iricav2, Cepav, Tav for the execution of cartographies finalized to the planning of the High - Speed and “as built”. It has executed the cartography for the definitive planning of the motorway junction “S.Vittore - Termoli”.
It has executed the Maps for the executive planning of the “Ponte sullo Stretto di Messina” on behalf of the grouping “Impregilo” and, in 2008, the cartography for the important infrastructure of “Autostrada Pedemontana Lombarda”.

Currently, RTA is performing the first update of the Topographical Data Base to the 1:5000 of Italy on behalf of the Calabria Region.